Our Aircraft

GMY – “Mike Yankee” : Grob 103 Twin Astir glider.


A recently refurbished two seat fibreglass training glider.


L/D ratio of 38:1, maximum speed of 124kts (230km/h).


Capable of cross-country soaring flights


This is a great two seater sailplane.



GMU – “Mike Uniform” : Rollanden Sneider LS4


A high performance single seat glider.



Capable of cross-country soaring, and badge/goal flights.


L/D ratio of 42:1, maximum speed of 140kts (270km/h).


Oxygen equipped for extended flights above 13,000ft.


This is the high-powered Formula 1 car of sailplanes of it era, but is still competitive today.


BNM – “Bravo November Mike” : 160 Piper Super Cub.


A high power-to-weight ratio tow plane.
A cost effective, highly maintained tow plane operated by highly experienced club tow pilots.