Useful Weather Websites.

Live Weather sites in the area

          Timaru's Weather



     Dunedin's Weather

Other Private live weather stations around New Zealand Click here


This website shows animated satellite photo's, analysis chart and rain radar

Click image needed

MetVUW is Victoria University's website that contains high res satellite pictures and prognostic charts out to 72 hours, showing surface, upper winds and rainfall. Click image

General Aviation Weather Briefings

Gliding New Zealand members also have access to this site. Username is your GNZ membership number. (a four digit number), e.g. GNZ1234 . This can be found in the Gliding Kiwi directory, or the GNZ's website membership database The password is your date of birth. Write the date like this 3/09/1975 or 30/12/1975 . Note that there is no '0' on the day for the first example, and there is a 0 for the month. You must also have the / as well. There is a help icon on there website.

For Power pilots

This is more for power pilots who have a user name and password set up with the Airways corp. You can set up your own account if you want.

This site provides weather given from the Met Service, (as above) has NOTAM's available and has other useful bits and pieces. Power pilots also use this site to file flight plans.

Sounding for the advanced meteorologist

This site only produces a model of what NOAA thinks the air might be doing. Open this website then click on the area you live in the world. Click on soundings drop box and choose 3, 6, or 12 hourly forecast, then click go.

A page comes up that you don't have to change if you don't want, but you have to put in the access code in the box provided, then click on 'Get Profile'.

For a better idea of what is actually happening, go to MetVUW Upper Air Data.

If you want to understand a bit about soundings try this website with a tutorial Click here